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Coming Soon in Curtis Park

2348 Castro Way, Suit 101, Sacramento CA 95818


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Chai Latte

Qisa Latte

Qisa Latte is our espresso drink, made with Yemeni beans, infused with cardamom

Latte Art
Karak Chai
Experience the genuine warmth of Peshawar Chai crafted with care. Prepare to forge a bond with this unparalleled beverage like never before.

Turkish Cold Brew

It's not a cold brew on the tap, as it's more than that. Our sweet cream is a must try

Turkish Coffee Service

Turkish Coffee (Experience)

Turkish coffee is our luxury experience made in the same heater using the Turkish Cezve

Turkish Delight

Narnia Lokum

Narnia Lokum iw featured in the Narnia movie, comes with Rose, Orange, and peppermint flavors


Honey Bites

Bee bites come with cheese, topped with honey, a perfect combination with coffee


Cheese Pie 

Beef Pie

Cheese pie is an Arabic Savory, filled with cheese. It's a perfect thing to with our Chai or Qisa latte. 

Our beef pie is filled with ground beef. It's a perfect thing to with our Chai or Qisa latte. 

And More... (Full menu to be uploaded)

Our Story

Qisa Coffee is more than just a coffee shop, it is Abdul Aziz's dream realized. Inspired by his roots, he blends Yemeni Coffee with Peshawari flavor, creating something truly special. Our mission is simple: to share the joy of great coffee. With beans from around the world and skilled baristas, each cup holds a piece of our story. Come, be part of it.


Qisa Coffee Vission

A Qisa café's vision centers on creating a welcoming atmosphere with quality coffee and culinary offerings while engaging the local community. It aims for exceptional customer experiences, innovation, and sustainability, both in its physical space and online presence.

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