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About Qisa Coffee

Qisa Coffee is Aziz's dream realized. Inspired by his roots, he blends Yemeni Coffee with Peshawari flavor, creating something truly special. Our mission is simple: to share the joy of great coffee. With beans from around the world and skilled baristas, each cup holds a piece of our story.


Come, be part of it.

Roasting Coffee

Our Coffee

Our coffee is carefully sourced from around the world, ensuring only the highest quality beans are used. Our skilled baristas take pride in crafting each cup with care and precision, ensuring a truly exceptional experience. From classic espresso drinks to unique specialty beverages, there's something for every coffee lover at Qisa Coffee.

Qisa Coffee Logo .jpg

The Inspiration

"Qisa" means "story" or "tale" in both Pashto and Arabic. Our logo's story originates in Peshawar's lively streets, where my love for coffee flourished during rickshaw (tuk-tuk) rides. This thousand-year-old city of Pakistan, Peshawar's Qisa Khwani bazar, once a hub for global travelers sharing tales over tea, inspired our connection to the birthplace of coffee, Yemen. Qisa Coffee was founded to share this rich history. Featuring a rickshaw, our logo invites all to enjoy Peshawar's flavors, irrespective of the rickshaw's color.


Curtis Park

Curtis Park in Sacramento isn't just a neighborhood; it's a warm embrace of history and community. With its tree-lined streets and charming homes, it feels like stepping back in time to a place where neighbors know each other by name. As Qisa Coffee prepares to join this cozy corner of Sacramento, we're thrilled to weave our story into this historic neighborhood, much like we've done in Peshawar. With each cup, we share not just our love for coffee but also our passion for connection and community. Welcome to our tale, where every sip brings us closer together.

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